Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama 08

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

My love of photography

Christmas 1992 i was surprised receive a Cannon Rebel!!! WOW What a camera (for 16 years ago) i was 15 and in heaven, had worked for a local photographer for the past year and had fell in love with it......The creativity working with people it didn't take long and i was taking picture's of everything!!! Friends, family, still life snapshots of roses kissed with water droplets, the sunset, and experimenting too!! The sunset and double exposures for an artistic flare, SO MUCH FUN!!! Before i knew it i had done several Senior Portraits, family portraits and a few weddings EVERY subject a new adventure......the excitement what did i do that was new what worked what didn't what would i make sure to re-create!!!!! MY LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!!! and so i had Kennedyanne my 1st precious angel, and WHAT A Delight the pictures i took and the fun i had! AND then my camera 16 years old had seem better days finally let me know it was time to call it quits :( so 4 years have passed that i have not been able to pick up my camera and embrace myself in the creative person that i once was, as time goes and responsibilities overcome the urge to go and splurge on the camera of my dreams i know for now its not an achievable reach, but my dream has not vanished and my love for photography will never fade because i know that someday, sometime somehow i will yet again be able to freeze a moment into the hands of time with the click of a little BLACK BUTTON!!!!

Diving in Head 1st!

Out of everything else I do, Mother of 3, cook, housekeeper, accountant, etc....... I am now trying my hand at blogging!!! LOVE TO CHAT!! and love to write! And thought what a great way to combine the 2!! Here we go! SO from doctor's appointments. preschool, dance class to home I will chat about This and That!! And hopefully you'll join!!