Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How are you???

How are you, A question we've all been asked, sometimes several times a day. Depending on who we see and where we go it's a question asked over and over.....Unfortunately when asked "How are you??" Most people don't want to REALLY know how you are, because that would mean committing to the story you would be prepared to tell the baggage that you'd lay out for them to have to pick up and accept, Most do not want to commit to the possibility of really hearing what "How are you" would be..... "How are you" is our way of opening up conversation to say "hello", "good to see you" ( "hope all is well.....BUT if not really don't have the time so please don't tell me the truth" ) Think about it---How often has someone Said "How are you?" and You answered the quickest most bland answer "fine", "Good", "doing okay" anything else but really how you are......and in the back of your mind your shaking your head and thinking to yourself "only if you knew" Why have we disconnected ourselves, we've told ourselves no one really wants to hear what's going on good or bad, the thought of having to pretend to care is way too much work and no one wants to take the time to really hear what you have to say, so we continue to cater to those around us and answer so matter of fact That we are fine, i dare you the next time someone asks "How are you???" Turn to them and say "Got about an hour? and i'll tell you how i am"...........and then watch them stammer with a great excuse to be able to turn away and RUN!!!!!!!!!!

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Mommy2Carson said...

That is so true and a good reminder, that maybe we shouldn't ask that question if we don't really mean it!