Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So i'm settling in and getting comfortable.....preparing to watch The Election 08 coverage, WHEN!!! My oldest Kennedyanne (4) COMES SCREAMING!!!! MOM! MOM! MOM!!! QUICK THE TOILET!! IT WO-O-N'T STOP!!!! I jumped from my seat and ran into the hallway just to see the toilet water quickly rising and then to hear a big SWOOSH!!!!! As the water crested over the top of the bowl, down the sides and onto the floor, now the flood waters are rushing through my hall and into my bedroom!!!! Oh and forgot to mention i was on the phone with my sister and quickly told her goodbye as i rushed to the kitchen for the plunger!!!! After several PLUNGES into the toilet the water started to drain.........PHEW!!!! and so i mopped up the remaining water shut the toilet and bathroom door, and now as i sit i've come to realize it was my very 1st catastrophy as a single mother, and yet not a HUGE FEAT by any means but still in the end was one thing that made me smile after having a toilet water bath!!

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