Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kids say the Darndest things and HERES PROOF!

Kennedyanne is my oldest, soon to be 5 years old (in February) and she has come up with some real doozy's over the years. She hasn't embarrassed me in public YET still waiting for that day to come! She has said a few things that let you stop and remember that kids will say anything and sometimes what's said brings you full circle!!!

Kennedyanne was only about 21 mos and we had stopped over at my parents house to say hello, shortly after we arrived my dad who was in the kitchen as he had just finished baking a loaf of bread, gave Kenendyanne a slice of the bread...... Kennedyanne had been wandering around the house for several minutes content eating her slice of bread, in the meantime i had gone to the kitchen and grabbed a cookie. Went back to the living room where we all were enjoying the conversation, TV etc..... When Kennedyanne laid bread down on the coffee table, i then set down my cookie a few short minutes later and picked up her bread to try. As i was testing out the bread Kennedyanne had appeared back at the table ready to take her bread and finish it off When she noticed something quite different on the table that wasn't her bread she had left there minutes ago AS SHE SCREAMED OUT FOR ALL OF US With Sheer excitement in her voice "SON OF A B*&^$H!! it's a cookie!!! (thank you Papa!! lol) Unfortunately we were all laughing sooo hard to the pureness of her that she thought her slice of bread had magically turned into a cookie that she never was scolded for saying SOB............actually if memory serves right Papa was the one we all pointed the finger at. LOL Definitely a story to remind us all that kids will say the darndest things and ohhhhhh what an imagination!!!!!!

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Seeryus Mama said...

This is quite honestly the FUNNIEST thing I have ever heard a child say!! OMG...Kennedyanne is a total crackup!!